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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Oven

Mother bought a new oven. She got it from her vendor friend from Parit Buntar. Her name escaped me. Mother addressed her Mak Su eventhough she was younger than her; and she in turn addressed mother Kakbah.

The oven is so unique. One can alternately knead and bake bread in it. The price is MR 800.00, Quite expensive for people like us. Father said that amount of money can supply us three years of daily bread from the local cornershop. However I think it is worth the money because it is very useful. We can have bread and other pastries for breakfast and lunch and even tea. It will lower our schooling budget.

Mother bought the oven on 21 July, the same day I bought my new Harry Potter series.
Her friend Mak Su demonstrated her and my entire neighborhood on how to use it. She baked some bread for sample. They cooked pastries like, mini pizza, white bread and sweet bun.

That day I couldn’t come to the Surau where they had their cooking class while learning to use the oven because my friend Fasihah and I went to Ipoh to collect my Harry Potter series that I had ordered since February.

When I got back, I asked my mother about the class and the bread she had promised to give me. Unfortunately she told me that butt-head brother of mine had eaten it. However she promised to bake me some new ones and to teach me how to use the versatile machine.