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Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy 58 Birthday (30 june)

I wish happy birthday to my father
Hamzah Mohd Zain

Selamat hari lahir Walid,
semoga panjang umur!

English Teacher!

Hey Guys!

Today I gonna tell you about my English teacher.
I called him Sir Akil ( he's kind of cute too..)
He teaches me everything about English language,
he's great

My former English teacher was a lady, she was a fair lady.
but we always lost her more than a few times
because she had to serve cocu center at Pulau Pangkor

But today i had a very funny experience
this morning when i came to school i considered that I've lost my English literature book
So, I went back to my house.
But, i could not find it..
when i went back to school ( I still did not find the book)
my friend Sofia told me that the book was with her...all along
argh!! so tired..
my English teacher and other students laugh at me.

Ha Ha Ha
bye see yaa

Thursday, June 28, 2007


How are you guys?
miss me? well ...

Today i will tell you about my school sports carnival.(will be held on 30 june 2007).
well, sports is not my favorite. But i love tug of war but in my school it is just for boys.
For me that is not fair. I cant run, jump or play any other sport.
Last day my teacher said we will have tug of war for girls but it was canceled because one of female teacher disagree.
She suck!
she think girls can't do it,
hey girl can be as strong as men!

i hope she will read this!

Ok see you later

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


hey guys,

i love to write poem
but I'm still learning... poem is cool ha!
i always put my poem at this site
i had written lots of poem (errm around 13, hey...! I'm still learning o OK!

Wayar putus

Dear friends,

i still mad at that wayar putus @ GK terhormat
he's behavior like an insane

schools is fine today
still freaky one,
hey! my school freaky every day,
lots of homework..
lots of useless rules (hate rules)

ha ha ha .......

see yaa!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My freaky school

My freaky school


Dear Friends,

I'm going to tell you about my school,
I had a very freaky school (hey it 's full of rules!)
Can you just imagine how people like me can study in this weird school?

Maybe all schools are like that.
Maybe the whole world is like that!


But sometimes I love it...it's beautiful, really beautiful

Today, at school,
a teacher the freaky
made a scene,
hey, he shouted at me! and i hated that.
i did not do any wrong!
he was just weird

If I were a magician I would turn him into a frog
he deserved it very well...

But I believe …
What goes around comes around...

teachers and students

Monday, June 25, 2007

My first step (langkah pertama)

This is my first blog.

I'm putting my foot forward.

A journey of a thousand miles, said Confucius, begins with one (big) first step.

This is the beginning of a continuous rambling in the wild countryside. Full of danger!

Should I or should I not go?

Hell, why not. Go girl.....go!